Jessica Fine is a singer/songwriter from Illinois. After graduating from the University of Miami's School of Music she traveled to New York City to pursue her music career. While in New York she self-released two CDs, played countless shows at legendary venues such as The Living Room and the Bitter End and was a part of some unbelievable musical experiences. Having said all that, she also knew that she had to give music everything she could so she decided to quit her job and move down South! After a year in Atlanta playing shows with incredibly talented musicians, making new friends and enjoying time at home, Jessica moved to Los Angeles.

After only a few short months in L.A. Jessica released her third EP. It was officially released in October of 2012 and it received great responses from both critics and fans. The Noise Beneath the Apple wrote that "Fine shows great potential on this EP. Her sincere, candid songwriting is Fine's strong point". Comprised of five tracks filled with pop and R&B hooks, it's no surprise that i am entertainment magazine said it was "one of the finest releases heard in this [pop/soul, R&B] genre this year".
Her voice has been compared to Sarah Mclachlan, Sara Bareilles, and Fiona Apple and her music has been heard on shows like HBO's "Entourage", CW's "90210" and MTV's "Made". She has an incredibly unique way of saying the most common things and expressing emotions we all feel, but with her own twist.

While most of her songs are about losing love or trying to heal a broken heart, that isn't the only thing that she has experienced in life. It's just the thing that she likes to write about most. "I think that everyone loves a great love song, be it happy or sad. When I'm not feeling my best, I want to hear a sad song so I can relate to that emotion and I think that most people feel the same way. They want to turn on the radio and sing at the top of their lungs to an emotional, someone-ripped-my-heart-out song! I relate to that". That being said, she does have a few hopeful songs on this EP. "Sometimes when I sit down to write a song, I'll be very conscious about the topic. I knew that I wanted some uplifting love songs on this album so I made sure to write a few of those. Lost At Sea and Fall are two songs that came out of that". Those two songs are two of the most popular on the album. "[Lost At Sea] begins apologetic and somber, and captivates with a light chorus...It’s easy on the ears without being boring, and the album’s undeniable highlight right off the bat... One can’t be surprised to hear an album end with an artist’s token “epic song." Fall is arguably the biggest song on the album, lyrically and musically. It’s touching and sweet, and ends sooner than it should. It is also the best (or second best) vocal performance from Jessica Fine on the entire EP. Sweet, sensational, and organically pretty, Fall concludes the album brilliantly". (The Noise Beneath the Apple)

Jessica takes all of the experiences she has had, both good and bad, and puts them into her writing. You feel the emotion off the bat and that's what she hopes everyone who hears her music connects with. Everyone has experienced pain, sadness, heartache and happiness. Those emotions connect us all and through music we can go back to those places in time...