12.30.13New single almost done!

I've been working on a new single with a fantastic producer for the past few months. I'm really excited to get this song out into the world and have you all hear it! I got a mix back from Jeff (the producer) last week and i LOVE IT. Off to mastering we go....

09.03.13Townspot Interview

Check out the interview I did with Townspot!

04.24.13"Diamonds" Cover Video!

I often cover this song at live shows and wanted to make a video for it. I got the chance to record the song and shoot the video at Blue Microphone's House of Rock so of course I jumped at that opportunity! Thank you to Matt Testa for shooting the video and to everyone at House of Rock for being SO incredibly nice and opening up your studio to me!

04.12.13Successful Benefit Show!

Thank you to everyone that helped make last night's What's Up Dog! L.A. benefit show a huge success!! We raised a lot of money for the pups and had a blast doing it! Thank you to all of the performers (Michael Jade, Danni Rosner and Garrison Starr) and to Alexandra and Jessica at WUDLA for helping me put the whole night together. A HUGE thanks to Witzend for being an incredible venue and my favorite place to see live music!

11.30.12"Lost At Sea" on Top 10 Independent Songs Chart

My song, "Lost At Sea" is one of the Top 10 songs on I Am Entertainment Magazine's Independent Songs Chart! Thank you IAE :)

11.22.12My interview with Lemonade Magazine

Check it out!

10.27.12THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone that came out to our CD Release show last night at The Witzend! I had a ridiculously fun time playing and the crowd was awesome! I love the vibe in that place and it made the night even more special having all my friends (and new faces!) there. Thank you thank you!

10.16.12New EP now available on iTunes!

I'm SO excited to finally be able to say that my new self-titled EP is available on iTunes! Buy a copy, let me know what you think and spread the word!

09.12.12THANK YOU and a new video!

Thank you to everyone that came out to our Room 5 gig last night! It was our first chance getting to play the new songs to an audience and we had a BLAST. Click on the link to check out a video from the show!

08.31.12Kickstarter Project Successfully Funded!

Yay!! I am BLOWN AWAY by all the support from you during this campaign! It's because of you that this project was successful and I'm speechless! Now...off I go to start making all your rewards!

08.26.125 days left to donate! Let's bring this on home together!

I cannot begin to express my thankfulness and gratitude to everyone that has supported me through this Kickstarter journey. It's beyond words!
We have 5 more days to raise the rest of the funds so I can meet my goal and give you all your awesome rewards!! PLEASE spread the word and with your help I know we can achieve this together!!

08.09.12Amazing First Week of the Campaign!

I am blown away by the support from you all this first week of the Kickstarter campaign! Thank you thank you!!
I've been working hard in the studio and we are almost done recording! Your support through all this has been truly awesome and it's made this whole process that much more fun!
There's still a ways to go to reach the goal so keep spreading the word and check out the link for more info!

08.01.12Kickstarter Project has launched!

I am so excited to announce that my Kickstarter project is officially up and running as of today! it will run for 30 days and it's to help me raise funds to complete my new EP project. Please spread the word and head over to the site to check out the really funny video that my friends and I made! THANK YOU THANK YOU

07.24.12Kickstarter Launch in ONE WEEK!

Hello everyone!
I cannot believe how quickly July (and the whole summer for that matter) are flying by!! This is my second week in the studio and things are going SO well! We just tracked bass last night so we'll be on to tracking keys later this week. Yay!
I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in one week and I'm so excited for you all to see the cool rewards that go along with the donations. You'll get awesome behind the scene access to the recording process as well so stay tuned for more info!

Click on this link to sign up for my newsletter so you can really stay informed!


07.09.12New EP Recording Dates Set!

I could not be more excited to say that I officially have recording dates nailed down for the new EP! I am so pumped to be heading back into the studio with some of my favorite people to record new material so that I can get these songs to you! July 20 is the first recording date so keep checking back to get updates and more news!

05.29.12Gearing up for a new album!

I've been in the studio the past few weeks working on songs for my new EP! It's been so great being back in a studio with friends and creating new songs and working on old ones that I've written since the last album. I can't wait to share these songs with you and to come to a city near you to play live!

05.15.12Just Got My New Pictures! (and other news...)

Yesterday, Teren sent me the pictures from our photo shoot and they are SO great!! He is an amazingly talented photographer and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. So excited to share them with you all!
I've also been in the studio recently working with my friends (I just love having crazy talented friends!) on my new songs and I am psyched for what's to come. The new sound and vibe is coming together and I'm writing some new stuff with one of the producers that I'm really excited about. Can't wait to get the live band up and running so I can play a show near you!
Stay tuned for more....


04.30.12Photo shoot!

I had SUCH a great time at the photo shoot last week! I worked with a really great photographer and hair/make up person. They all made it so fun and I cannot wait to see the pictures! Stay tuned....

04.18.12My First Week in Los Angeles

hello all!
It's been awhile since I've made an update on here but i'm happy to say that I'm officially a California resident! My first week here as been amazing and it's totally flown by. I've been meeting up with old friends, meeting new ones and hearing some great live music. Can't wait to see what else is in store....

02.27.12Brand New Cover Song! CHECK IT OUT!

I just finished up this cover of a Counting Crows song, Colorblind. I've always loved this tune and it was really fun to get to put my own spin on it. I hope you enjoy it!

01.25.12I've started a blog!

Hello all!
I have decided to start a blag to help document my upcoming year and all that it will hold! I will be moving to Los Angeles soon and continuing my musical journey and wanted to find a fun way to capture this new chapter. I will post a new picture every day on my blog that helps show my motivation and/or inspiration for that day. I'd love for you to check it out and follow me on this journey!
Thank you all for your constant support. It makes everything that much better!

01.09.122012 is off to a great start!

Hello all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having an equally wonderful start to the new year!
It's hard to believe that the holidays are over now....I'm going to miss hearing Christmas music and staring at my tree! ha

I just got back from New York and it was a great trip. I had productive meetings and am feeling really good about this year. I'll be heading off to L.A. in February to get my feet wet in the music scene and enjoy the CA sun :)
There's more to come in 2012...stay tuned!

12.06.11Great Hungry Ear Coffee House show!

Thank you to everyone that came out on Saturday to the Hungry Ear Coffee House! I had SUCH a fantastic time playing for all of you and meeting you as well. What a fabulous crowd!! The venue was so beautiful and it was the perfect kind of evening to all sing some Christmas songs together and enjoy a night of music! Thanks to Bob Bakert, Mark Perloe and everyone else who put together such a great night. It was also really awesome to hear Curtis Jones play! That guy plays a mean guitar... :)

10.10.11Thank you Marietta Grassroots Festival!

Thank you to everyone that came out to Marietta's Grassroots Music Festival on Saturday! It was so great to meet so many new faces and to play at such a fantastic event! The weather was perfect and the other musicians definitely rocked!

09.27.11Top 3 at Eddie's Attic!

I had a GREAT night at Eddie's Attic last night in Decatur, GA! There was some serious talent. I love being introduced to new indie artists and new good music! I'm also happy to report that I made it to the top three in the Songwriter shoot out. There was stiff competition and a great band called Gin House won but I was happy to be a part of it all none the less!

Thanks to all that came out!

09.19.11Great hometown visit!

Thank you to everyone that came out to The Coffeehouse last week! It was so much fun to play for an audience of familiar faces and wonderful friends. It was so nice to come back to my hometown and feel the love! I can't wait to get back :)

09.03.11Great evening of music, art and new faces!

I had SUCH an amazing time last night at the First Friday Marietta Art Walk at Marietta Square. I have to say that in my short time in GA I'm finding it to be so very supportive of the arts! My wonderful friend Wendy Bunch invited me to play at her office which is on Marietta Square and to be a part of this lovely yearly event. I met wonderful new people and that always inspires me and this journey that I'm on.
Check out my "gallery" section for a few pictures from the show.

As always...thank you :)

08.17.11Video from my Cobb Idol Performance

Check out my cover of Rihanna's Umbrella. Send it to all your friends! :)

As always, thank you all for your support!

08.05.11Cobb Idol!

I'm excited to share that I won Cobb Idol last night! It was an amazing night showcasing some awesome talent here in Cobb County. It was great meeting all the fellow contestants and participating in such a fun event. Thanks to Wendy Bunch and everyone that put it all together. And thank you to everyone that came and supported! Pictures from the event coming soon.....

08.02.11The Voice Atlanta auditions!

Hello all!
I am excited to say that I made it to the top 11 finalists for a VIP pass to The Voice auditions in Atlanta! 11 Alive news is giving out 5 passes and you can vote for me in the attached link!
You all have always been SO supportive and I'm so lucky and grateful for that! If you can spare 1 minute to vote I would really appreciate it!


07.07.11I am officially a Georgia Peach!

Hey everyone!
I hope you're all having a great summer and are stayin cool!
After much thought I decided to move out of NYC and head down south to Atlanta, GA. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life and to now have the opportunity to devote all my time to music. I can't wait to dive into the music scene here and meet all the talented players that are in this area. Keep checking back to see when I'm playing in a city near you!

03.14.11Recording, writing and updates

Hey all!
Hope you're enjoying the beginnings of Spring. I know I am!

I had a great final mixing session last week at Galuminum Foil Studios and the songs sound so great! Chris did an awesome job and Tommy Harron will be mastering them soon. It's been such a fun process and can't wait to have them complete.

I've also been starting to get the band ramped up again to play some live shows! I'm so pumped and can't wait to get out and play new tunes I've been writing and rock out some old ones.

Hope to see you all soon!

01.14.11Going back in the studio!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Now we're back to frigid temps and puffy coats...sans santa clause :(
I am excited to kick off this new year by getting back into the studio to finish up the 3 tunes I co-wrote with Mike Murphy. We'll be heading back to Galuminum Foil studios the beginning of February to do some background vocals and wrap everything up. I can't WAIT for you all to hear it!

As always, thanks


12.13.10New Song up on my Youtube page!

Hey! I'm really excited about "I Fall", a new song I recorded with my friend and engineer Tommy Harron. It's an acoustic tune and you can check it out on Youtube. Hope you're all staying warm and getting ready for the holiday season!!
Thanks for all the support

11.21.10New Videos, new songs and studio time!

Hey all! I am had an awesome session at Galuminum Foils Studio in Brooklyn last week recording 3 new songs that I have co-written with Mike Murphy. I took some video of the session and have some footage up on my youtube page. Go check it out!!


11.09.10New Song is up and ready!

Hi all!

I recently recorded a new acoustic song with the help of my friend Tommy Harron. Check out "I Fall" on my LISTEN page.


Hey all!
I am really excited about a new tune I started recording last week with my friend Tommy Harron. It's a stripped down vocal/piano recording and Tommy did an awesome job! Finishing tweaks and I'll be posting soon.....

05.04.10"I Can't Stay Away" on Women's Radio Podcast

Hey all!
Check out this episode (Podcast Episode 22) of the Women's Radio Podcast. One of my songs, "I Can't Stay Away" was featured in it AND it's a really great podcast! It's a great way to check out new music from great female artists in all genres. Spread the word!

04.14.10New Song!

Hey all!

I hope everyone survived the winter and is enjoying spring! I've been busy writing with some great musicians and just finished a new song with Noel Cohen. It's posted on my "Listen" page and I'd love for you to check it out!

More to come...!

08.19.09New Pictures from Sullivan Hall Show

Check out the new pics posted from our June show at Sullivan Hall. The amazing students at the School of Visual Arts in NYC took these pictures and they came out so great! Thanks to all of you who were involved! And thanks for everyone's continued support...

06.09.09THANK YOU!

Our CD Release Party was last night and it could not have been better! We had such a blast playing and it was an amazing turn out. Thanks to everyone who came out and make it a really great celebration and a special show!

You guys rock


05.23.09101.5 WBNQ interview now up on my website!

Hey all!

Thanks to everyone who listened in to the interview I did with Remy on WBNQ a few weeks ago!
If you missed it, you can check it out by going to the "Listen" link.

Thanks for the constant support!!


05.06.09101.5 WBNQ interview airing TONIGHT 7:30pm CST

I got to do an awesome phone interview last night with Remy from Remy Radio on 101.5 WBNQ and the interview, along with a clip of "I Walk These Streets Again", will air tonight at 7:30pm CST.

If you're in the Bloomington/Normal area..tune in! If not you can listen live on www.wbnq.com

05.03.09Jessica Fine on 101.5 WBNQ in Illinois!

Hey everyone!

I am excited to share with you that I will be doing an on-air interview on 101.5 WBNQ this Wednesday, May 6th. It will be airing during the 7pm hour with Remy.
They'll also be playing clips of some new songs off my new EP.

So, if you live in the Bloomington/Normal area..TUNE IN! if you don't live in the area, you can listen online at www.wbnq.com

Thank you for all your support!

03.18.09"I Walk These Streets Again" EP Available Now!

The time has come!

My new album is now available! To be one of the first to own it, follow the link below and click on the Paypal "Buy It Now" button on the left hand side of the page.

Spread the word, drop me a message on my site, and thanks for your support!!

Click Here

03.10.09FREE Download available now!!


Go to my "Downloads" page to download my show from The Bitter End last Sunday, March 8th. There's 2 brand new tracks and 2 acoustic versions of songs from my upcoming EP, "I Walk These Streets Again".

The CD will be out next week so stay tuned for an official release date!


03.09.09LIVE tracks from the Bitter End Show

I want to thank everyone who came out last night to the Bitter End show. It went really well and I had a blast!
I was able to get the gig recorded and I will be putting up the tracks on my site later this week!

Please come back to check them out and feel free to leave comments!

Thank you for all your support


03.02.09"I Walk These Streets Again" EP Officially Done!


I am SO excited to announce that my EP, "I Walk These Street Again" is done and getting pressed as we speak!

It will be available to purchase in about 2 weeks, so make sure to keep checking back here for updates and an official release date!

Thank you all for your continued support. It means so much!

Talk to you soon,


I have posted 2 songs off my soon-to-be-released EP "I Walk These Street Again" on my myspace page! Please check them out, tell you friends, leave comments...and stay tuned to the EP release date!

09.17.08Studio Session Update

well hello...

I wanted to kinda update everyone on what we've been up to. The guys and I have been busy in the studio laying down the instrumental tracks. Tommy and Woody got their parts down last week and it sounds AWESOME! Woody used some really crazy affects and brought a great vibe to the tunes (think Led Zepplin, Fiona Apple..). What I love about this album is the range of sounds and styles that are there. It's all coming together so well, especially with Chris Cubeta, the producer, involved.
I finished up the piano tracks last night and will be going in next week to start in on the vocals!

make sure you check back soon!!!!


09.08.081st Weekend in the Studio!

Hey all!

This past weekend we had our first recording sessions with our producer, Chris Cubeta at Galuminum Foil Studios in Brooklyn. The sessions went really well and we couldn't be more excited!! The guys laid the tracks down and now we'll be busy with laying down over-dubs, vocals, crazy sounds and sweet effects. Stay tuned for more.....


07.17.08We're Going Back Into The Studio!!

Hey everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be heading back into the studio at the end of August to start recording my second EP! I will be working with a great producer/singer/songwriter on this project, Chris Cubeta. Not only is he a fantastic producer, but he also fronts a really great band: Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club. Make sure to check them out. And make sure to keep checking back here for updates on the recording. I'm so excited to get back in there and record new tunes and to work with "the guys": Woody Quinn, Tommy Harron, and Chris Smith. It's going to be an amazing record!!
Thanks for everyone's support!!

04.09.08We're Baaaaaack!!

Hey guys!!

I'm happy to tell you all that we're back on the NYC music scene! We took a small hiatus, but are back and better than ever. We got some killer new members to the band (Andrew, Chris, Tommy) and have tons of new songs. Keep checking back here (and on myspace at www.myspace.com/jessicafine) for upcoming shows.
Can't wait to see you all out!!


You can now get my EP, Soul Escape, on iTunes! Just go to www.itunes.com

Thanks for everyone's support!


06.07.07"SOUL ESCAPE" EP now available on CDbaby.com

hey guys!

my EP is finally available on CDbaby.com! Thank you to everyone for their support!


03.02.07"Stripped Away" to be played on HBO's Entourage!

I recently found out that my song "Stripped Away" is going to be played on the April 15th episode of HBO's Entourage!! This is a very exciting time for me and my band. I would love to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. Set your TiVo and mark it on your calendars!