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Jessica Fine's new self-titled EP is one of the finest (no pun intended) releases I've heard in this genre this year.

Lemonade Magazine

"[Jessica's] self-titled EP is full of relatable, catchy pop tunes that are sure to get toes tapping...Each track has a simple sound, showcasing her honest lyrics and solid but delicate vocals...Fine shows great potential on this EP. Her sincere, candid songwriting is Fine's strong point. So long as she keeps doing what shes doing, she will be making a name of herself in no time."

The Noise Beneath The Apple-Jessica Fine EP Review

"Count me in. Wherever the Jessica Fine bandwagon is, I want on. I’ll take the passenger seat, right up front with the train conductor- hopefully Jessica herself...Jessica Fine’s latest album, and her entire career, is pure pop...Atmospheric, melodic, and stringently lyrical. Jessica Fine dips and weaves emotional purpose through a set of five cohesive songs...She is clearly no amateur. Every track is thickened with multi-layered instrumentation and contagious lead melodies that add their saccharine flair; all blossomed and filtered through the absolute highlight of Fine’s most prominent instrument- her voice."

The BN Groove

Longtime Bloomington-Normal resident Jessica Fine will soon release her third EP. The album contains five tracks of truth and real emotion.
The first track, “Lost At Sea," sets the pace for the rest of the album. Fine’s songwriting is well refined and brings up things that her audience can easily relate to. Everybody wants to be loved by someone, and the lyrics, “And now I put my heart in your hands/And I trust that I will get it back in one piece, I’m hoping/That’s all that I ask" address the fears of someone who’s been hurt before.
Those into pop and R&B will appreciate Fine’s diverse use of beats and various instrumentation to come up with catchy and dance-able rhythms that aren’t overly repetitive. This is crucial when the recording you’re producing is a five-song EP.
While it’s clear that love is the over-all theme of the EP, Fine does well to address some of the different stages of being in love, such as the wanting, the courting, a breakup or huge fight and the desperation of wanting to keep that special someone close after the break-up or fight.
While some of her songs remind us of the hurt that comes with love, Fine reminds us with the last track, “Fall," that there are some risks in life worth taking.
“You’ll never find love if you don’t let go/So take a deep breath and let yourself fall."
Fine’s singing and performance style has been compared to Sara Bareilles and Fiona Apple. For more information, check her out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/
jessicafinemusic or on the web at www.jessicafinemusic.com.